Black-Owned Clothing Brands

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By DonaldJennings

There are many ways you can support the Black community. You can support the Black community by buying local art, speaking out against injustices, or donating to Black Lives Matter (BLM). Are you unsure where to begin? Supporting Black-owned clothing companies is one of our favorite ways strengthen our advocacy and allyship. Many of our favorite designers are flourishing today because of the people who supported them. Black entrepreneurs are making waves in the fashion industry and we have the chance to help them.

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Fashion and Black Culture: The History of Black Culture’s Influence

We love seeing the bright spotlight shine on Black-owned clothing companies. We are shining a light on these designers, but it is also important to remember the past. Many of the most iconic trends we love and know today are rooted in Black culture. Continue reading to discover some of the most memorable moments over the years.

The Harlem Renaissance

Many refer to the 1920s and 1930s Harlem Renaissance as a revival in Black culture and art. Fashion evolved towards bold, vibrant designs after being influenced by jazz music and dances such as the Charleston. All things Zoot, including large lapel Zoot suits and long pearl necklaces with drop waist flapper dresses and long pearl necklaces, were in fashion. These styles have been reintroduced many times over the years. Modern fashionistas are constantly looking for new ways to wear pearls.

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The Invention of Voguing and Ballroom Culture

Strike a pose. Do you think Madonna is the person who thinks of voguing? These are the moves that we’re referring to. The swift, angular movements of the hands that frame the face. Fun fact: Voguing originated in Harlem, a ballroom culture that was dominated by LGBTQIA+ Blacks and Latinx people. These drag and ballroom shows allowed you to challenge traditional gendered dressing. Exaggerated silhouettes, such as puffed sleeves or glamorous outfits with jewels and feathers, are some examples. These handcrafted looks were influential in luxury fashion institutions such as the Met Gala.

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The Golden Age of Hip-Hop

Logomania, one the most popular fashion trends in the 80s and 1990s, was created by a Black clothing brand. Dapper Dan pioneered this trend with his logos covering all of his designs. You can think of matching sets or separates with obvious branding. For a slew of unforgettable style moments, jump to the 1990s during hip-hop’s Golden Age. The hottest trends at the time were oversized styles, primary colors and gold chains. Blacks were fondly familiar with the color-blocked sweaters and bucket hats that are so popular today. Will Smith, Run-DMC and Salt-N-Pepa were all major fashion influencers.

It doesn’t stop there. Fashion was also influenced by the civil rights movement in 1960s and streetwear in 2000s. We urge you to explore this rich sartorial history, as we have only scratched the surface.

Stitch Fix – Black-Owned Clothing Brands

Stitch Fix believes there’s an opportunity to celebrate a broader retail market. We are proud to stock a variety of Black-owned clothing brands in all categories, including men’s, women’s and kids’. We are working hard to expand this range (more details later). Let their stories and unique designs inspire and motivate you.

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