Sailor Mars: Bio

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By DonaldJennings


Sailor Mars is one the original Inner Sailor Senshi from the Solar System and was the third Sailor Senshi introduced to the manga. Rei Hino is her civilian identity. Her attacks revolve around fire, psychic abilities and spiritual powers. This is Naoko Takeuchi’s original illustration of the character.

Appearance Sailor Mars

The manga shows that when Sailor Moon becomes Super Sailor Moon, her front bow transforms into a heart. However, she didn’t receive the “Super” upgrade. Her choker was upgraded to “Super”, and it had a five-pointed gold star at the top. The bottom of her sleeves were made transparent and the center of her frontbow became a heart. Also, her back bow was extended and lengthened.

This form is given to Rei in the Stars arch. It almost looks like Eternal Sailor Moon’s fuku except that it lacks the wings. It is red, and it has red bubble-like sleeves. The shape of her choker is “V”, with a gold star. Her chest bow is still purple, while her back bow has a lighter shade. The belt is made up of two different shades of red ribbons and a star at the front. Her gloves now reach her forearms. Two shades of red are layered together in her skirt. She has given up the superform high heels. Instead, she wears white boots with a star at the center and a “V-shaped” shape.

Sailor Mars is revived after being killed by Sailor Galaxia during Act 49 of Stars manga. After being revived, she wore her Super Sailor outfit and bracelets that are similar to those worn by Galaxia. These bracelets are made of gold and have a gem on one, one purple, and one green.

Biography Sailor Mars

Luna sent Ami to assist Usagi after Usagi and Rei were taken into another world as victims of the kidnappings. Jadeite captured Rei, and Usagi became Sailor Moon, which freed Rei and put an end to Jadeite’s control. Luna commands Sailor Mercury to give the extra pen she gave her earlier. Rei sees the symbol of Mars on her forehead as the pen passes through her, turning her into Sailor Mars. She calls Phobos, Deimos and performs Akuryo Taisan, which turns Jadeite into dust. They are accompanied by other kidnapping victims back to Tokyo. Luna and Sailor Moon are happy to have found the third Senshi. Sailor Mars aids the Senshi in fighting the Dark Kingdom.


Sailor Mars’ original design, unlike the rest of the Sailor Senshi members, was completely unique. The design featured an alternative bow, double shoulder guards and plate-armor. It also included elaborate jewelry and a mask with a gold rimmed. Also, her trademark high-heeled shoes were already there. In civilian form, the red pendant on her belt can be worn as a necklace and could create fire.