Mi Casa: Bio, Songs, Albums, Awards, Education

Biography Mi Casa

Mi Casa is a South African House band or trio that is very popular. It is located in Johannesburg. It is composed of Joao da Folsicaa aka J’Something (vocalist, guitarist), Sipho Philemon Mohlaza aka Mo-T (producer) and Moshe Philip Kgasoane aka Mo -T (trumpeter). The group was founded in Johannesburg in 2011 after the three members decided to perform together in a night club. They have four albums to their credit and won many awards, most notably at the 2012 Annual MTN South Africa Music Awards.

J’Something was born in Portugal, and moved to Port Alfred, South Africa at the Eastern Cape when he turned seven years old. Maria, his mother, raised him after his parents divorced.

Family and Beginnings

Mi Casa is a House group made up Dr. Duda and J’Something. In early 2011, the three members met in a night club and decided to perform together. The band was born from that moment. The trio recorded and released “Mi Casa Music”, their debut album, months after they performed at the lounge. The album was soon certified Gold and nominated for many awards at the 18th Annual MTN South Africa Music Awards, where it was awarded some.

  • The band released their second album “Home Sweet Home” in 2015. The album featured the hits “Chocolate”, and “Barman”, which were performed by Big Nuz and DJ Tira.
  • After nearly disbanding four months prior, their fourth studio album, “Familia”, was released in August 2017. They have remained together over the years and are now back in full force in 2020 with new music.


  • They haven’t spoken out about their education. They are mostly focused on their music. J’Something did however complete his bachelor’s in marketing at Stellenbosch University.

Milestones Musical

  • The band formed in 2011 and gained popularity with their hit song “These Streets”, which was taken from their debut album, “Mi Casa Music”. They were unique in their urban jazz sound, which they showcased on the album.
  • The song was hugely popular in South Africa. It was played on many major radio stations and the music video reached number one for several weeks. The band performed for many international acts, including The Layabouts and Tortured Mi casa Soul, Canadian hip hop and pop artist Drake, and ReelPeople. The second single, “Heavenly Sent”, was also a hit.
  • They were nominated for several South African Music Awards awards, including “Best Dance Album”, Group of the year”, “Group of the Years”, “Newcomer of the YEAR”, and “Record of the Month”.
  • The band was nominated for the title of “Newcomer to the Year”. There was a lot of controversy after people mentioned that Dr Duda, the producer of the band, had been around for a while. Charles Webster remixed their song and made the band internationally famous.

Albums Mi Casa

  • Mi Casa Music (2011)
  • Su Casa (2013)
  • Home Sweet Home (2015)

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