Tree Collar: Are The New Tree Skirt

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By DonaldJennings

Reviewed editors independently select recommendations. Reviewers may receive a commission if you purchase through one of our links. Retailers predict a fun decorating trend this holiday season. Traditional tree skirts are being replaced by tree collars. Instead of using plaid, velvet, or felt swathes, merrymakers are looking to cover their Christmas tree stands by tree collars. These collars can be made from wood, metal, or woven forms. They look neat, festive, and can add some glam to any living space, whether it’s an artificial or live tree collar.

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  • We did the research and have these 15 tree collars for you to choose from. They come in different styles so you can find the one that suits you best.
  1. A Christmas diner meets the ’50s

This tree collar is made of silver-colored metal and has a retro feel with a chrome shine at the top and five embossed rings at the bottom. Although assembly is required, assembling the four panels with quick-release pin connections is simple.

  1. Braids, tuggable Tassels

The creamy white tree collar is made from cotton and polyester rope, a trend that has been resonating with many people over the past few years. This will appeal to those who love a modern, yet cozy style. It also features adorable tassels that are sure to please toddlers.

  1. Customized for you

Patriot Crafted, an Etsy seller, offers many options for custom-made wood tree collars. Choose from espresso, natural, or distressed white colors and personalize it with your family name. This three-sided wonder is easy to set up. It simply fits around the Christmas tree stand and attaches to a wall. Then it collapses for storage.

  1. Style Plaid Pajama Style under the Tree

This one-piece tree collar seals with Velcro and makes covering up your tree stand easy. Its black and red plaid fabric is reminiscent of cozy winter nights spent around a crackling fire pit with cookies and cocoa.

  1. Traditional Christmas commercials and the most festive of Christmas gifts

The galvanized metal tree collar has five panels and is adorned with an adorable advertisement for fresh-cut Christmas trees. This collar would look great in a home with a farmhouse feel but still be contemporary.

  1. Columns are a great option for Rome.

When I see this tree collar, all I can think about is the Doric columns in the Colosseum. This tree collar style is best for Christmas season if you prefer a minimalistic, marble-clad appearance and more than one Christmas tree in your foyer. The Rome tree collar is available in ivory or white and comes in a set.

  1. Some rims available for powder-coated iron

This red, powder-coated iron cone-shaped tree collar is perfect for those who love vintage mercury glass ornaments of birds or vegetables. It’s simple enough not to clash with the snazzy decorations above but still fits the spirit perfectly.

  1. Santa, Santa! This one’s for YOU

Now that you have compiled your list, it’s time to let Santa know where all the packages are going on Christmas Eve. This cute, red-metal tree collar comes in two pieces and features a “Dear Santa” note in white script.

  1. A soft tree skirt scarf that feels like a tree scarf

This soft-knit tree collar is warm white and pure Merino wool. It’s the most similar to a tree skirt. But, you can imagine a huge scarf. Wrap it around the Tree collars to create a super-cozy look.

  1. Ripple me this modern alternative

This tree collar shimmers and sparkles like liquid gold, so you may be able see your reflection. This collar is made from solid brass, which has been hammered, polished and could make a great accompaniment to an artificial Christmas tree, whether it’s pink, black or copper.