Gothic Engagement Rings

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By DonaldJennings

Trend now and here’s what to look for

Surprised to learn that you have other options than the traditional white diamond and a band made of silver, gold or platinum for your engagement ring? The new trends in goth fashion are keeping engagement rings’ focus on the diamonds but giving them a different feel.

Since the 1990s, the Gothic style has been very popular. The Gothic style is making a comeback, inspired by the fashion trends of the 1990s. This is evident in both the fashion and jewelry choices.

These 6 trends show that the Gothic engagement rings are one of the most sought-after and popular pieces. These are the most popular and sought-after styles of this type ring.

Rose-cut diamonds

Rose-cut diamonds were a popular style in antique times back in the 1700s. It has been a popular choice for unusual engagement rings, but it is making a comeback. This unique cut gives the diamond a deep color and a sparkling surface.

Rustic diamonds

Since the trend involves the color of the diamonds, rustic diamonds are very popular. This ring will give you natural darker diamonds that are unique to the traditional. These rings are truly unique and exceptional!

Black diamonds

Black diamonds are a common feature in jewelry. This is a great choice for those who want to break with tradition when it comes to the engagement ring. You can find the perfect black diamond Gothic engagement band in many styles, cuts and settings.

Victorian vintage

This strange era is best described by its moody colors and dark styles. It has inspired many styles. These rings do not contain a blindingly brilliant diamond. A ring with a diamond or a sapphire is the best choice.

Metals with tarnish

The jewelry has an aged look thanks to the tarnished metals. This is best explained through the heirloom and vintage pieces. The new trend for tarnished metal diamond rings makes the band look old and worn, but the diamond tone is still bright.