French Style: How to Dress Parisian Style

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By DonaldJennings

Let’s take a look at the French fashion world before we get into it. Imagine yourself walking along the streets of Paris, your heels tapping on the cobblestones. You’ll find historic buildings and landmarks everywhere you turn. Perhaps you are looking for a taxi to take to the Avenue des Champs Elysees. Perhaps you are walking to a café for an afternoon drink. The warm and inviting aromas of freshly baked bread and rich food wafting through your nostrils are hard to resist. Oh la la.

Do you want to bring back a little bit of the romantic “Emily In Paris” dream into your daily life? Explore the world of French fashion for women with us. Continue reading to discover how you can incorporate this chic, casual style into your wardrobe. You’ll soon feel like you are jet-setting to the most popular country in the world. You don’t need a plane ticket or a phrase book.

What is French Style?

French fashion is a way for women to dress effortlessly in style. It is characterized by timeless basics, neutral colors and clean lines. Think of French girl style as fashion and comfort merged. There are no tight fitting clothes or high heels. Parisian fashionistas prefer simple pieces in straight or slightly tailored silhouettes. They love to wear muted blues, black and tan. They love quality pieces that are easy to match and mix.

“Mode passes, style remains.” — Coco Chanel

A polished tweed jacket or a little black dress are two examples of French women’s must-haves. Coco Chanel said, “Mode is passe, but style stays.” Chanel is an important figure in Parisian fashion and is often credited with its founding. Did you know France was an influential taste-maker for centuries? Time for a quick history lesson.

A Look at French Fashion History

French fashion is well-known since the 17th century. King Louis XIV emphasized the use of luxury fabrics in clothing during this period. Marie Antoinette raised the standards for extravagant apparel in the next century and textile manufacturing boomed. France produced eye-catching and eccentric outfits through the 1800s, even after the fall of its monarchy. Coco Chanel, a manswear-inspired designer of women’s clothing, turned the industry upside down in 1925. The French girl style has been defined by tried-and-true pieces that are subtle nods towards current trends. Let’s take a look at the various versions of Parisian fashion.

French Chic Style: Simple Simplicity

The chic style umbrella covers most of Parisian design. It should not be surprising, since chic style is synonymous with smart elegance and sophistication. This style is very conservative and sticks to French fashion rules. Say goodbye to loud patterns and fussy details, and welcome back solid colors and minimalist construction. Women’s French chic style is the best for building a capsule wardrobe. You only need a few basic items.

French Street Style: Elegance on the Go

You are looking for a more casual version of French women’s style? French street style might be the right choice for you. While this fashion trend still favors classic pieces, straight silhouettes, and neutrals in its designs, it also allows for more trendy touches. Imagine what you would wear to Paris Fashion Week or the Louvre. If you don’t see the outfit immediately, don’t be discouraged. We can help you with that. We can help you. For a French-inspired look, you can also wear a shacket and a window-pane printed blazer instead.

Romantic Parisian Fashion: Swoon Worthy Styles

Romantic French fashion is for the French girl lover who loves a touch of dreaminess. This style is perfect for sunny and warm seasons. We love Paris in springtime, but we are thinking of a different part of the country to use this trend. These French-inspired looks are better suited to the Cote d’Azur than clothing for the Eiffel Tower. We’re heading south to the breathtaking French Riviera.