How to wear Athleisure Everyday (Yes! You Did That Right!)

We are so happy to live in an age that encourages athleisure. It is now socially acceptable to wear comfortable, stretchy clothes that were once relegated to the gym, almost anywhere we like. We think there are some social graces one should consider to distinguish the grungy look (wrinkled, faded old tees) from chic athleisure.

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Let’s start with the basics: What is Athleisure?

The easy-to-wear combination of street wear and gym wear is known as Athleisure. The trend has been growing steadily since 2014, which is a good thing. It’s a pleasure to say yes to every opportunity to look stylish and comfortable. It doesn’t seem like it will slow down for comfort-loving ladies everywhere.

Now, for Some Athleisure Outfit Inspiration

There are many ways to make athleisure work. You can be your own style muse. Take inspiration from your taste and the things that you love. While color-blocking can be a great way to bring out your style, you can’t go wrong with neutrals such as grey, black, or white. If you are a fan of black leggings (or any other color), make sure they are thick enough to cover your entire body. Have fun with it and make it yours.


The hoodie is a solid piece of athleisure. It’s great for layering in the cooler months. If you feel too hot, tie it around your waist.


You can achieve a sophisticated athleisure look with the right shoes. A pair of clean, pristine sneakers can make casual looks more professional and sophisticated. You’ll look smart and polished when you pair your soft hooded sweater and printed leggings with it.

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Leggings are the essential piece in every athleisure wardrobe. Your favorite pair of leggings is the most comfortable. They look great paired with neutral sneakers, jean jackets, or pullovers in bright colors like camo.


This athleisure looks great in fitted joggers and a bright zip up pullover. You can also add a supportive bra to the mix for a quick run to the park, the gym or the market.

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Quilted Vest

A quilted vest is one of the most versatile pieces you can own in your athleisure collection. This casual look can be updated with details like matching dark-colored sneakers and stripes.

Lightweight jacket

For misty mornings, a lightweight jacket cropped in the right size is perfect. The soft look of heather gray joggers paired with a pastel camo knit shirt and neutral fur-lined sneakers completes the look.

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