Three Tips to Choose a Watch.

It is important to choose the right watch for your style and know when to wear it.

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How to choose a watch

A timepiece, digital or mechanical, can serve a practical purpose and be fashionable. These are the steps to follow when choosing a watch to buy or wear.

Select your watch style. There are many watches available. Watch enthusiasts often start with just one watch and then add more watches to their collection. Different watches can be worn with different outfits. There are many watches that can be worn for different occasions, including dress watches and luxury watches. Consider the watch that appeals to you most and when it will be worn most often.

Choose the right size watch. Watches for men are generally larger than those designed for women. Although large-faced watches are sometimes useful in certain situations, it’s best to have the watch face match your wrist size. Some watches for women, particularly those worn at formal events, have smaller faces. Formal watches can be worn in a similar way to bracelets, with loose bands.

Match the materials. When choosing a watch, think about how the components will match your outfit. Watch bands made of leather look great with other leather accessories. Watch straps made of metallic metals should match your tie clips or cufflinks. Different metal textures and colors can cause clashes.

How to Wear a Watch

Although it may seem simple to strap a watch around your wrist, there are many details that make wearing a watch more enjoyable, useful, and fashionable.

Use your non-dominant hand. It is best to place the watch on your wrist, which will make it less likely that it gets in the way. If you’re left-handed, for example, you should wear your watch on the right side of your wrist. This makes it easier to operate the chronograph and wind the watch. Most watches are worn on the left side by right-handed persons. You might find the watch is more comfortable if you use your dominant hand.

Place your watch just above the wrist bone. Watches are usually worn above the ulna or wrist bone. The face of most watches is worn on the wrist. If you have long sleeves, your watch will be visible slightly under your shirt if your hands are at your sides. Some wearers prefer to have the watch face on their inside wrist. This discreet design can protect scratch-prone watchesfaces.

You can adjust the watch strap. Some straps are similar to belt buckles, while others have hinged metal fasteners. Wristwatches must stay in place but not too tight against your arm. The watchband can be adjusted loosely enough to allow for a finger to pass underneath. You can adjust the strap to make sure your watch fits perfectly.

How to wear combat boots: 6 ways to style combat boots

Combat boots were originally designed for military use. They are sturdy and can be worn with many street-style outfits. These boots can be worn alone to make a bold look or paired with skirts and dresses to make it more edgy.

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What are Combat Boots?

Black leather is the most common type of combat boot. They are durable, large boots that can last a lifetime. Combat boots are worn by soldiers during combat training and combat due to their firm grip, ankle stability, versatility, and suitability for many terrains. Combat boots are very popular for casual, grunge, and goth looks.

A Short History of Combat Boots

Over time, the style and features of combat boots has changed.

Trench boots: Trench boots are an early form of combat boots in the United States. Soldiers wore them for trench warfare during World War I.

Jungle boots: A few decades later the military changed to boots made from shined black leather, called jungle boots. These boots had rubber soles and mesh ventilation, which allowed soldiers to be equipped in humid environments.

Desert boots: The Army Combat Uniform (ACU), today consists of camouflage gear and lace-up combat boots that reach just above the ankle.

Black leather combat boots are a popular trend that transcends military culture. These streetwear pieces have a bold silhouette that can be paired with a variety of tops and pants, including blazers and skinny jeans. They also look great with graphic tees and flowy pants.

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Six Style Tips for Combat Boots

Combining combat boots with maxi dresses or leather jackets can create a bold combination. These are some ways you can make your own combat boot outfit.

Wear jeans with an oversized sweater. For a fall look, wear straight-leg jeans with an autumnal sweater or cardigan and combat boots.

A turtleneck and a trench can be combined. You can make a chic, casual look with your favorite combat boots paired with a trench and a turtleneck.

Wear it with a leather jacket. A timeless pairing is a leather jacket and leather boots. For a 1950s grifter look, you can wear a leather jacket with combat boots and jeans.

Wear leather pants with it. Wear leather or faux leather leggings along with your combat boots for a more sophisticated look.

Go for a dressier look. For a warm winter look, you can pair combat boots with a midi or sweater dress with tights and leggings. For a casual, smart look, you can wear combat boots with a skirt over a button-down and blazer.

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Wear it with black pants and a top. To let your plaid pants shine, wear a black top and black combat booties.

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